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This web site is unique in that it is limited to only a few offerings, there are no fees paid as a result of participation in this web site and the inclusion in as this site is by invitation only.Here are some answers to the questions you might have.

WHO IS THE SPONSOR OF THIS WEB SITE? Ledge Rock Management LLC is the owner of this web site. LRMLLC is involved in renting some, but not all, of the cottages listed here. All LRMLLC managed cabins and cottages are also affiliated with Cove Point Lodge. In fact, we will fully disclose when a cottage or cabin is in fact part of the LRMLLC rental pool program. Cottages with +++ Symbol indicate that the property is managed by LRMLLC and affiliated with Cove Point Lodge

WHY WOULD LRMLLC INCLUDE CABINS AND COTTATES ON THIS WEB SITE THAT THEY DO NOT PROVIDE RENTAL MANAGEMENT FOR? We believe that our customers should have choices. Sometimes they will want a LRMLLC managed cabin and sometimes not. We also believe that there are several great places to stay in our area. Places that may not have the ability to get the exposure they deserve. Places that have a long history and we hope they flourish. Sounds a bit old fashioned but if they succeed, we will succeed.

WHAT IS SO IMPORTANT ABOUT A CABIN BEING LISTED ON THIS WEB SITE BY INVITATION ONLY? In a word, dependable quality. Only those cottages that meet our expectations will be on this web site. This is not like a site where if you pay your dues and become a member you can demand to be listed here. No amount of money can buy the right to be presented here. As a result, you can be assured that the cabin is clean, safe, well maintained and in one way or another special.

DOES THIS MEAN THAT ALL CABINS ARE DELUXE? No. Some are very deluxe. Others are that simple little place in the woods with a fireplace and maybe a well for water. A perfect spot for a quiet retreat and communion with nature. But always, clean, safe, well maintained and a special spot.

WHO DOES THE RATINGS? LRMLLC is responsible for the ratings. Using our system you can judge the pros and cons of each property and you will be able to decide the likelihood that you would like to stay there. Again, no fees of any kind are paid to LRMLLC to be listed on this web site, and no fees are paid for the rating. Each listed site will show you how to get in contact directly with the cottage or cabin you are interested in.